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Changzhou Shunye Electronics Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in diode and bridge rectifier.
Over the past years of practices, we always set ?excellent quality, competitive price, superior service? as our key managing policy & guide lines for our daily behavior. We provide wide products lines to our customers, including all kinds of rectifier diodes, TVS, small signal diodes, bridge rectifiers and automotive rectifier etc. The major application industries cover automobile, computer, consumer appliances, telecommunication etc.
We always take our clients personally, we have a dedicating & proficient management team with good understanding, whose mind is set on continuous quality improvement, effective cost saving & customer satisfaction.
Your demand is our top priority, you are welcome to contact us at any time at your convenience for any inquiries or any possible business discussions.

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Diode,zener diode,schottky diode,switching diode,fast recovery diode, tvs diode,bridge rectifier 
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Company Name : Changzhou Shunye Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Address :No.132, Middle Huanghe Rd., Xinbei District,, ,  Jiangsu, Changzhou,,  People's Republic of China
Tel :   86-519-8981-0098
Fax :  86-21-3455-5920
Contact :Jeky
Homepage :http://www.shunyegroup.com.cn