SPES S.A. is the most important Chilean manufacturer of Omega-3 concentrates, extracted from fish oil and its derived goods, that are traded worldwide. We process thousands of tons of this product, of which 60% are exported to Asia, Latin America, the United States, Europe, Oceania and Africa. SPES is a Chilean company with more than 59 years of experience, directed towards the development, production and commercialization of high quality products, to fulfill the different family needs and the markets of agriculture, aquaculture and industry. Our main operation is the process and transformation of fat and traditional oils, preserving their natural properties and applying them to a variety of goods manufactured for national and international markets, among which Omega-3 concentrates outstand. In this way, we manufacture Omega-3 supplements for children, teenagers and adults, as well as Omega-3 bases for foods like eggs or chocolate. We also elaborate energy supplements for cattle, poultry and pigs; by-pass fats and refined oils enriched with Omega-3. For the aquaculture market, we have developed products like Top Coating for pellets and refined oil mixtures enriched with Omega-3, as well as disinfectants and fungicides, for multiple purposes. In addition, SPES has formulated a wide range of industrial products, such as raw materials for different kinds of industries, including pharmaceutical laboratories, water companies, and paint manufacturers, plastic, leather, rubber and supplies for marking paints. Our company has automatized facilities -equipped with last generation technology-, that fulfill the highest quality and efficiency standards, allowing us to elaborate exclusive and innovative products, which are over demanded in the market. We also count with highly trained professionals and laboratories for research, which permit the formulation of tailor-made products and the development of long, medium and short term projects, directed to satisfy our clients? requirements, through a constant and controlled production process. Our company has a production capacity of 3.856 tons per month (192,80 tons per day), which makes possible the manufacture of a variety of products and a quick and efficient response to our clients? demands worldwide. SPES has been accredited by Bureau Veritas with ISO 9001:2000 Certification, granted for its commitment to clean production and as a result of incorporating, several years ago, international policies for responsible conduct.
Since he founded SPES in 1947, Chemical Engineer Guillermo Gormaz Lopetegui, promoted team work and constant technologic innovation as the basic attitude for daily activities in each of the company's areas, facing the different markets more efficiently. This vision is still present and is fundamental in the training process of every member of the SPES team. Consequently, our consolidation as providers in new and more demanding markets is sustained by our constant search of innovative products; our permanent investment regarding advanced technologies; our incorporation of ISO 9001 management systems, and our personnel?s commitment and training. During our company?s early days, it supplied the potable water treatment market with aluminum sulfate. Chile?s privileged coastal zones are an essential source of raw material that cannot be found in other countries. One of these is fish oil, in which part of our research efforts have concentrated, allowing us to manufacture a variety of fish oil based products. Constant investment in advanced technology has allowed our company to incorporate the most modern oil hydrogenation, refining and deodorization plants, developed to satisfy diverse needs and keep processes harmonic with the environment. Our company?s formula is based on trustworthiness, seriousness, perseverance and commitment to clients, permanently improving processes, equipment, infrastructure and its human resource, in order to provide our clients with unique products, in the due time and at competitive prices.
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Eugenio Gormaz February , 1947 
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Omega-3 Concentrates 
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Company Name : Quimica Industrial Spes S.A
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